Lease Forgiveness Program

Are you currently under the impression that because you have time remaining on your lease you are stuck in it?

Well, you’re not. The professionals at Empire Digital Products have created a system that allows us to accomplish the following:

1 – Relinquish your existing liability in full on the current lease


3 – Upgrade you to the latest and most efficient technology to assure your office is running better than before

4 – Lower your service costs and void you of any minimums and overage charges in the process

**If EDP cannot accomplish all of the above we have absolutely no grounds for pursuing your business**

As mentioned prior there are numerous reasons we are able to accomplish such all of which you will find outlined as you peruse our site.

All we require to determine if the above can be accomplished is a Total Cost Analysis or TCA.

A TCA will provide us with:

1 – What kind of machine(s) are you currently working with?

2 – When does your existing lease expire?

3 – What is your monthly lease payment?

Once provided we GUARANTEE to accomplish the above or we have no grounds for doing business!!!

**Fill out our Total Cost Analysis Form; with the appropriate information required press send and start saving today!!!!!

Corporate Office:

80 Smith Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Toll Free - (866) 614-0055
Main Line – (516) 882-5626
Fax – (516) 345-9017



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