Our Executive Staff

Scott Brodsky

Scott Brodsky: Chief Executive Officer

Email: scottb@empiredigitalproducts.com

Scott Brodsky brings over 10 years of experience and a track record for managing successful, high performance sales and operational teams at major service organizations. Mr. Brodsky was born and raised in Plainview, New York and is married with one child. As the director of operations at  some of the industry’s biggest names, he earned a reputation for leadership, for providing unparalleled customer service and demanding the same values of quality and pride for which Empire Digital Product  has traditionally become known.

Scott is a very unconventional businessman to the delight of those who have worked with and for him. He is not known for his stern face and cut-throat mentality rather for his “outside the box” humor and welcoming personality. He is always thinking of ways to improve the company. He is not satisfied with mediocrity and will make it a point to be the best every step of the way. His loyalty and generosity to his staff is unparalleled and his door is always open to discuss any issue with you regardless of your position at the company. Respected around the industry, there is no more exciting feat in his world than continuing to build Empire Digital Products, Corp.

Brendan Primus: Service Manager

Email: brendanp@empiredigitalproducts.com

Brendan is known as “the Guru of Office Product Repairs” here at Empire Digital. Empire actively recruited Brendan based on his industry reputation and experience.  With 10+ years’ experience this “go getter” started his own office machine repair business fresh out of High School and sold the business two years later at a substantial profit.

His work ethic is unprecedented and his commitment to “getting it done no matter what” which makes him a crucial part of our team.  What’s his passion outside of work? His wife and two children – and let’s not forget cooking!

Jacki Eckers: Director Of Operations

Email: jeckers@empiredigitalproducts.com

Jacki was recruited by Empire Digital Products in 2013 as the Director of Operations. With an undergraduate degree from the University of Hartford she continued her education achieving a masters degree from Long Island University of C.W. Post located in Brookville.  She came to us with a background in accounting, which made her a perfect fit to run the day-to-day operations of our company. She is smart, quick, and flawless with regards to clients and staff, and can easily adapt to any situation she encounters.

Mike Caruaua: Branch Manager (Brooklyn Location)

Email: mikec@empiredigitalproducts.com

Mike has been entrusted to run our Brooklyn location as Branch Manager. His systematic approach to providing solutions to businesses gives his clients superior customer service.  His advanced knowledge of our signature lines such as COPYSTAR and KYOCERA makes him the “go-to-guy” within Empire Digital Products.  His attention to detail is only superceded by his ability to provide customized business solutions and sustain long lasting relationships.  He is focused & intense yet maintains a fresh sense of humor at just the right time.

Richard Koch: Sales Manager

Email: rkoch@empiredigitalproducts.com

Richard has spent over 15 years as a high powered sales professional. His success stems from his laid back, low pressure approach that allows people to breathe and inevitability make the correct decision in his favor. He is upfront, honest and a very likeable personality. Richard remains truly committed to the continued growth of Empire Digital Products and plays a big role in its success. Between his experience, approach and personality Richard remains a tremendous asset to Empire and we are truly glad he is on our team.


Ross Lesser: Lead Sales Consultant

Email: rossl@empiredigitalproducts.com

Ross remains the “Lebron James” of the copier world. He brings an upbeat and passionate personality that, when combined with his meaningful portfolio of people who love to do business with him makes him, an unstoppable force. He treats his clients as if they were his family and truly believes in relationship first, product second. He is one of the few in this industry that produces over 1 million dollars a year in sales as a result of the above mentioned attributes intense, exciting, talented and loyal there is not a company in the world that wouldn’t want Ross Lesser in their organization.

Corporate Office:

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