KYOcapture, Powered by AutoStore, is an all-encompassing Document Capture Workflow solution designed to provide your business with the features that are essential to improve your business’s document management strategy. The KYOcapture process involves multiple components custom designed to fit your demanding business requirements.

The KYOcapture Process Simplified

1. Take any KYOcapture enabled Kyocera Multifunctional Product (MFP)
2. Combine robust KYOcapture software that connects the MFP to the back end Document/Content Management system
3. Connect directly to most existing or new Document/Content Management Systems

You now have a distributed capture solution that can be customized for your critical business requirements.

With KYOcapture, you can boost your everyday productivity and manage your document process in one integrated solution.
What can KYOcapture do for your business?
Capture documents from any KYOcapture enabled Kyocera MFP, e-mail, fax machine, or desktop network folders
Process the documents using any combination of the robust components available through KYOcapture, including full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, Zone OCR, Form Processing, Image Management, Document Security, and much more.
Route scanned or captured documents to an existing Document/Content Management System, network folder, or Database Management System
KYOcapture is the ideal solution for any company looking to

Electronic or paper-based documents to most existing or new Document/Content Management Systems

KYOcapture, Powered by AutoStore, has multiple components available to ease the pain of Document Capture and Management for any mid-sized to enterprise company. Designed with you, the end user in mind this robust Document Capture Workflow Solution can be custom configured with any combination of the components listed below to meet your specific business requirements.

Kyocera MFP

KYOcapture can connect to any KYOcapture enabled Kyocera MFP simply and easily. By selecting the Send/Scan functions on the device you can scan paper-based documents to a specified Document/Content Management System at the click of a button. Pre-determined workflows, or processes, are available through the touch panel on the MFP. Simply select the appropriate destination and your documents are on their way.



Searching for documents after scanning can be a challenge in any office. With KYOcapture you can choose from a variety of options for indexing a document including renaming a document on the spot, adding keywords that can later assist in search and retrieval, and automatically capturing the scan date for all documents.


Image Enhancement

Image enhancement is an important part of any document capture solution. This feature allows you to clean up the appearance of a document after it has been scanned. Paper-based documents can become crumbled, marked, or dirty over time. With the image enhancement capabilities of KYOcapture your scanned files can be de-speckled (removes unwanted marks on the page) and de-skewed (straighten a skewed/crooked document) every time they are scanned to ensure the best quality for all of your critical documents.

In addition to de-skew and de-speckle, the following list of image enhancement capabilities are available through KYOcapture:

Smooth Text Remove Lines
Trim Edges Remove Borders
Remove Dots Remove Blank Pages
Remove Hole Punches Split on Barcode, On Page Number, On Empty Page

Barcode Recognition With the Barcode Recognition component of KYOcapture, barcodes affixed to your documents are read and the metadata is extracted for more accurate and efficient indexing of scanned documents. Utilizing this feature eliminates the need for manual entry of index fields at the control panel of the Kyocera MFP, and can greatly improve the speed of processing hardcopy documents. The intelligence built into this processing component also enables KYOcapture to recognize multiple barcodes within one stack of documents being scanned and split them into multiple files. The KYOcapture Barcode Component supports linear and 2D (PDF417) barcodes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

KYOcapture’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) component, powered by ABBYY FineReader, will read the content of the document image and automatically convert it to a searchable PDF file.Now even if you don’t select index fields at the time of scan you can still search documents that have been scanned as searchable PDF’s.

The base package for OCR is included with KYOcapture. However users can upgrade to a more robust OCR package that includes Zone OCR. Zone OCR allows you to define one or multiple zones on your document and extract the value of that zone.

For example: if invoices that are being scanned always have an invoice number in the top right hand corner the Zone OCR can be set-up to read and extract this data from all scanned invoices. The extracted data is then used to index the scanned documents.

ABBYY Enterprise Forms Processing (Structured and Semi-Structured Forms)

Using the Forms Processing Component of KYOcapture enables you to scan structured and semi-structured forms and capture specific data from these forms. The Forms Processing component can be configured to match the requirements of the forms that are being scanned, verify that the proper information is included on the form and then export the data to specified locations.


The KYOcapture route component is designed to route scanned documents to specified Document and Content Management Systems within your organization. Most existing Document and Content Management Systems can accept documents from multiple locations such as e-Mail, fax, batch upload, computer-generated documents, and scanned files. KYOcapture integrates directly with your existing Document or Content Management system using the Kyocera MFP as your means to store hardcopy documents in specified locations.

KYOcapture also has the ability to route scanned documents to Network Folders and Directories, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Databases, LAN Fax Servers, and more. The complete list of route components that are currently supported are:

Microsoft Exchange
Lotus Notes
MS Sharepoint Portal
Documentum D5
Documentum ApplicationXtender
OpenText LiveLink
Hyland OnBase
Westbrook Fortis & FileMagic
LAN Fax Servers
ODBC Databases
Folders and Directories
VB/Java Scripts
IBM Content Server 8.3
Interwoven NT/MP
Send to SFTP

KYOcapture offers a wide array of components in order to meet your business requirements. Whether your business requires barcode recognition, advanced forms processing, or a connection to a document/content management system, KYOcapture components are available to solve your business requirements.

The following is a complete list of components available for KYOcapture. For pricing and compatibility please contact your KYOcapture Sales Consultant or complete this form for a Kyocera representative to contact your company directly.


    • Device Connect

Captures content from Kyocera MFPs

    • Desktop Connect

Captures content from desktop applications, such as MS Outlook, MS Office, Windows Explorer, Nuance Paper Port, and Lotus Notes.

    • File Connect

Captures electronic files from local, remote, and FTP folders.

    • Email Connect

Captures content from email inboxes and sends the email and/or attachments into KYOcapture Express for processing and final delivery to any KYOcapture Express destination


Process Features


Route Features

KYOcapture Specification

Package Availability:

    • Device Connect (comes with one Kyocera MFP or MFP HyPAS Capture Component)

Captures content from Kyocera MFPs.

    • Desktop Connect

Captures content from desktop applications, such as MS Outlook, MS Office, Windows Explorer, Nuance Paper Port, and Lotus Notes.

    • File Connect

Captures electronic files from local, remote, and FTP folders.

    • Email Connect

Captures content from email inboxes and sends the email and/or attachments into KYOcapture Express for processing and final delivery to any KYOcapture Express destination

System Requirements (KYOcapture/KYOcapture Express):

System Requirements

*Recommended hardware Requirements :

  • Recommended: 2GHz or faster
  • Recommended: 2GB RAM or greater
  • Recommended: 10GB or greater

Kyocera MFP (HyPAS) Capture Component Requirement:

VB.Net 3.5 will be installed automatically with the new component. If an internet connection is not available, you will need to download and install VB.Net 3.5.


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